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Custom car window clip on flags  car flag mount

Car window flags: durable plastic clip and easy attachment. Simply roll down your car window, slide the car flag mount into place and roll the window back to secure the flag pole. Window clip car flag pole and holder is the most cost-effective type.

car window clip on flags

Car window clip on flags

flag holder for car

Flag holder for car

car flag holder

Car flag holder

Magnetic car flags

Magnetic car flags: free attachment to any position you want to display the car flags. The magnetic car flag holder will have an elegant and professional in your events.

magnetic car flags

Magnetic car flags

car flag holder

Flag pole for car

magnetic car flag holder

Magnetic car flag holder

car flag mount

Diplomat mount flags

 screws right into the frame of the hood,

the highest and most versatile Z-mount flag pole,

specially to accommodate diplomatic car easily and without harming the car.

Steel car flag mount is durable enough even you drive to 80 mph.





Feather flags or car flags grab attention and spread the word, all with confidence. Get your brand logo printed or support your favorite sports team; go patriotic or spread awareness about a social cause; choose from pre-set designs or create your own; the options are endless.

Feather flags or car flags

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